Easily manage all your business payment and processing needs with Payzium's merchant solutions, from accepting credit cards on a website to mobile terminals. Whether you’re a home-based freelancer, operate a mom-and-pop store, or need enterprise merchant services, our advanced payment processing solutions can help your business grow.

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Our payment processing terminals are designed to help you thrive — no matter your size, target market or industry.

Cash Discounting

Give customers the option to pay a discounted price when they pay with cash, eliminating the storewide service charge and reducing costs for both the customer and business owner.

Online Payments

Everything you need to do business on the internet. Whether you are selling a physical product or digital service, we have a solution.

Web Services

Engage with your customers by creating a website that reflects the individuality of your business. Use our digital marketing tools and managed services to boost your online presence. Call us today to find out more about web services.

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